Sunday, August 15, 2004

Yesterday All My Troubles Seemed So Far Away

Adam is busy with work today so I decided to call one of my other friends and do something fun. To my horror I discovered: I have no other friends! Okay, friends who are reading this are probably saying: "We're your friends, Jen." And you are right. However, the problem is you have lives. For some reason none of you sit at home by the phone waiting for me to call you. As such, I am bored to tears. Now's a good time to tell you fictitious blog-readers (fictitious because all my real friends have lives) about the fab day I had yesterday:

Adam and I went to Toronto to see the 2pm showing of Urinetown (Mom bought us tickets for Adam's birthday). It's a musical comedy about a world where there's a drought and people have to pay to use the washroom. Those who can't or won't pay get exiled to Urinetown. Hilarious. *****

After the show, we went down to the Science Centre because we'd heard about some blackout-anniversary star-gazing thing. We learned that the exhibits close at 6 pm and the star thing starts at 8 pm (it was 5:20 or so at the time). Apparently, there is no way to see Science Centre exhibits for free or at a discount. Even if you come forty minutes before closing, you still have to pay $14 per adult (yes, you are an adult. If they consider me an adult, then you DEFINITELY are).

We had time to kill so we went out for dinner at a Chinese Restaurant. We ordered "Dinner for Two" which was more than enough for two even though the food was tastey and one of us is a 6-foot-2 Polish boy (that would be Adam). The people at the next table ordered Duck and it came to the table with the head still attached.

After dinner we went back to the Science Centre. The star thing was free so we figured it was our kind of thing. We waited around for a while and finally it was 8 pm. This guy named Terrence Dickenson (that name may mean something to astronomers) gave a slide presentation on astronomy, star-gazing and light polution. I learned that the hubble telescope is so powerful that it can see all the way to the edge of the universe, or at least what the edge of the universe looked like 13.7 billion years ago. Astronomy is wild.

After the talk we went out to the parking lot where a bunch of telescopes were set up. This was very hokey. It was too cloudy (the McNicoll Badweatherluck Phenomenon) to see the edge of the universe, or even the planets in our solar system (except Earth, you could see Earth). One guy had his telescope pointed at an office window (the blinds were shut). There was also a story teller who told myths involving stars and moons and such. All of the stories contridicted what the astronomer said but were fun to listen to anyway.

A good time was had by all.

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Demnos said...

A Musical called Urinetown? Wow, what a name! I haven't seen it, but the description you gave really made me think. What would happen if we had such a bad drought that something like flushing the toilet was a no no. Interesting. Anyway, I think that calling the play Urinetown is a little gross. I wonder what other names the producers came up with? Peeville or Tinkletown perhaps. Ewwwww.

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