Friday, August 06, 2004

Review: Catwoman

I saw Catwoman the other day and neglected to review it until now. I know this has been getting a lot of bad reviews. Were they expecting Spiderman? Come on now. Catwoman's powers include walking on furniture and standing up for herself.

Halle Berry played Catwoman (obviously). Sharon Stone, the mom from Six Feet Under, and the Law and Order dude from Miss Congeniality were also in it.

As long as you go in expecting a cheesey comic book movie (ie not Spiderman) I think you will enjoy it. It comes just short of being good. I'd say the movie is catered towards women since the romantic plot overpowers much of the flick and the Catwoman-seeks-revenge plot revolves around the evils of face cream. Fortunately for the guys, there is that scanty leather S and M outfit Catwoman finds so stylin'.

All in all pretty good, but not Oscar-the-Grouch winning stuff.


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