Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Jen gets contacts!

This is a momentous occasion because now I have the option of the Clark Kent look or the Superman look. Actually I should say the Diana Prince look or the Wonder Woman look, since I am obviously NOT a man. Anyway, the point is: with my glasses-free vision powers,
I could be a super hero!

I wore them 4 hours today and I have to slowly work up to a billion trillion hours. It's not exactly the same as having my nearsightedness miraculously cured, but it brings me closer to my goal of not being the ugly one.

Now I need to get myself some non-perscription sunglasses so I don't go blind at the age of 50 from the ultra-violet rays.


Becca said...

Cool stuff,I always liked wearing my contacts better.

But not if it's alergy season, Or if you wanna go swimming, Kinda sucks if they slip, or even worse, fall out. You don't want to wear them any longer than 8 hours or so.... OH yeah, ALWAYS remember to take them out at night, I didn't once, THAT was gross.

Anyway, Cool Stuff, It will take some getting used to You've worn glasses for like over a decade now right?


Super Happy Jen said...

It will be a decade this fall actually. But I did wear contacts for a year in grade ten.

My eye-doctor says I have "flat eyes" which make contacts fit tighter and I think dry out quicker. I don't think I'll actually be able to wear them for a billion trillion hours.

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