Sunday, August 22, 2004

I might scrap the lenses

I might scrap the contact lenses. At least half the time I'm wearing them my eyes feel uncomfortable and dry. I've got drops but they only lube my eyes up for two seconds then it's back to the Sahara for my eyeballs.

Today me and Adam went to the Dunlop Observatory in Richmond Hill. Looking through a telescope is a great time to be wearing contacts, I thought, so I chucked them in before we went. We left at seven. On the way there they started to bug me. Around 9:30, in the middle of the überenthusiastic astronomer's powerpoint presentation, one of my contacts was so dry it came out. This after only two hours of wear! Ridiculous.

I looked up laser eye surgery when I got home (this is the sort of thing one does at 1 am). It sounds like the scariest thing ever. Basically, after surgery you can wreck your vision from rubbing your eyes, swimming, wearing make-up, or giving someone an evil stare. Plus, they don't even guarantee perfect vision! Forget that. It's clear now that I am destined to be the ugly one.

The observatory was pretty cool though.


Becca said...

Contacts definetly take some getting used to. At first I could barley wear them an hour, Now I can get about 5 hours out of them. Summer is a Stupid time to wear contacts cause theres more dust and pollen and irritants than ever. Try them again on a rainy day or in winter when theres less stuff floating around that gets caught in them.

And Jen you are not the ugly girl... Your super sexy!

Anonymous said...

Your definately very pretty.. so stop saying your ugly cause your not.

and Laser eye stuff.. is scary.. but it seems to help lots of people.. and they cant garuntee anything or they will be sued left and right

Demnos said...

Well, you are still way better then Marzipan. I mean what is up with that girl? :-)

Super Happy Jen said...

What are you talking about? Marzipan is hot! I don't see why all the guys aren't all over her (especially since she is the only female in town).

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