Monday, April 02, 2012

B is for Book Launch

Yesterday I attended the book launch of my favourite author and inspiration.  Of course I'm talking about my mother, Sylvia McNicoll. Crush. Candy. Corpse. is Mom's 30th book, so it's a big deal.  The event was held at A Different Drummer Books, a cozy independent bookstore that I fondly remember frequenting as a child. During today's visit, however, I saw no sign of the temperamental cat who lived there back in the day.

The turn out was perfect, enough people that the place felt full, but not so many that it was hard to move around. Also Mom baked cookies and squares.  She is multi-talented.  My kids spent most of the time upstairs in the children's department, with some of their friends who came to show their support.  Jadzia descended periodically to sneak a cookie, and William saw enough of my Mom's talk to proclaim loudly that it was boring.  I disagree. Mom spoke confidently, her jokes perfectly timed, and the sections she read really captured  the flavour of the book.

But you don't have to take my word for it. I filmed the whole thing.  If you watch the video below, you can feel like you were there! (minus the squares and cookies, unfortunately).


Siobhan said...

Sorry I missed it. Sounds like it was a good turn out!

p.s. your word verification is still on. Not sure if you wanted it?

Super Happy Jen said...

No worries Siobhan. I know one has to be selective about what events to attend with small childers.

Also I find word verification is a necessary evil. I get inundated with spam without it.

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