Tuesday, April 24, 2012

U is for Unicorns

"U is for Unicorn, the shyest of beasts."  The unicorn is the only mythical creature that appears in Wallace Edwards' Alphabeasts.  In the book, the animal hides behind a tapestry showing a unicorn's head. You never quite know whether it's a real unicorn behind there, or just a white horse. 

Recently, my daughter has been drawing pictures of unicorns.

If you're wondering, Jadzia confirmed that the phallic shape protruding from the pink unicorn's midsection is its penis. Our dog is male, so many of Jadzia's animal drawings are similarly endowed. Interestingly, she insists that this unicorn is a girl, even though my daughter otherwise knows the difference between male and female genitalia.  I didn't ask her why the brown unicorn has two faces.

Finally, a post on unicorns wouldn't be complete without mentioning the Invisible Pink Unicorn, the most powerful goddess in the universe.  We know that she is all-powerful because she has the magic ability to be both invisible and pink at the same time. Perhaps this is something to do with ultraviolet light?

1 comment:

J. A. Bennett said...

lol, two heads are better than one?

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