Friday, April 13, 2012

L is for Luck

As a teenager, I wore grey socks to all my exams because I believed that grey socks (particularly comfy ones) would bring me good luck.  This custom continued until my final year of high school, when I received a fairly bad mark on a calculus exam while wearing my lucky socks.  My socks' luck ran out.

A few years ago, my grandmother gave me a necklace with a jade elephant pendant. As everyone knows, elephants are very lucky, particularly jade ones.  I wear it around my neck when I need courage or luck (or when I'm wearing something green that matches). Since Omi's death, the elephant has new meaning.  She picked it out, she held it in her hands, she gave it to me, and now she's gone.  She's gone and the elephant remains. Whether I succeed or fail while I wear the pendant doesn't matter.  The elephant can't lose its luck.  It was given to me by someone who loved me.

Recently I've decided to re-enter the workforce. I've tailored my résumé to a few select employers who I might enjoy working for and who may or may not want me to work for them. I've had ego-bruising failures in the job search before, so the idea of putting myself out there gives me emotional heartburn.  (Also I haven't worked out the logistics of childcare).  I've decided that I only want to work for someone who would appreciate both my personality and my talents, and I'm trying to maintain a lack of desperation. Wish me luck!


Melissa Sugar said...

Best of luck. I love the story of your jade elephant necklace. Be sure to wear it.

Please, please, remove the word verification from the blog post section in your settings. It makes it difficult to impossible (depending on age and eye sight) to leave a comment on your blog post. This challenge has almost 2000 participants and most who stop by will pass on by when they see that you still have it turned on. Email me at if you need help turning it off

Super Happy Jen said...

Okay Melissa, you win, word verification off. But if I get inundated with spam I will turn it right back on.

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