Wednesday, April 04, 2012

D is for Drawing

My three-year-old daughter, Jadzia, has always enjoyed putting crayon to paper. She has recently become more prolific and also more able draw stuff that looks like something.  Below are a few of my favourites.
 Elephants are probably Jadzia's favourite animal to draw. This one is standing on a Mr. Potatohead and a pretty bow.

This is a wooly sheep.

My husband feeding the ducks. She used to draw arms and legs sticking out of a head, but as you can see her people now have bodies. And this actually looks like my husband.  Also, if you look closely you'll note he is holding some bread to feed the duck with.


This is our family standing by our fridge, while our friends Columbia and Garrett hang out with our dog Worf. Columbia even brought popcorn!

Here's another picture of Columbia, which she uses as her facebook profile.  It really looks like her in an abstract way, because she is always smiling. That's the thing about Jadzia's portraits, they have childlike simplicity (of course) but at the same time somehow the people she draws are recognizable.

So as not to show favouritism, I'm also posting two of my son William's drawings below. William's art is more fantastical than Jadzia's, and most often involves laser guns, monsters, robots, and aliens. His style is similar to mine in that way and I'm delighted that his taste seems to lean toward Sci Fi.  He's not as prolific with creating, however, hence why I'm only posting two.

 The angry sun-like thing is actually a spiky monster.  At William's instruction, I added the lobster-clawed super hero shooting lasers from his eyes. Not sure what the other stuff in the picture represents, but it adds great atmosphere.

This is a robot that William drew in his reading response journal for school. I'm not sure why a book about farm animals prompted this particular response, but I find it delightful.


Haddock said...

Standing by the fridge is the best. She has included many things in it.
Love the drawings (preserve them)

MOV said...

love these pics! I have two boys, so I can relate to the love they give when they put crayon to paper!

found you on the a to z, will be back to read more!!

feel free to stop by my blog and take a peek if you have time:


Jenny S. Morris said...

Love the pics. Oh and all I can think of is the Star Trek character, but I'm not sure if your daughter's name is spelled the same way.

Jen from

A.D. Duling said...

Hi Jen!
Love the artwork and your's as well! I've included your blog in my A.D. FAV 5 of The A to Z Challenge for today! Yeppie!


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