Thursday, April 05, 2012

E is for Everything

Which means I can write about anything I want.  I understand that this is a cheat, but I figure I'm entitled to at least one cheat in a 26-post blogging marathon (though I thought I'd be using it for X or Q).  This whole thing kind of reminds me of a game I played in improv, where you do a scene and every line must start with the next letter of the alphabet.  So one person says: "Underwear makes me puke" and the next person says "Vomit somewhere else please" and the first person says "X Files is on soon, I don't want to leave the television." Something like that, starting from a random letter and working our way through the entire alphabet. It's as hard as it sounds.

I was going to write about elephants, which my daughter loves to draw, and which I recently saw at the Toronto Zoo despite the fact that Bob Barker wants to pay to fly them south. "Canadian Elephants, COME ON DOWN!" I have some cute pictures of the kids and elephants, but it's too much work to track them down right now, considering my computer is currently having a sick day.  It's been behaving screwy for a little while, start menu short-cuts leading to the wrong programs, programs disappearing entirely, general slowness and crankiness. Finally I enlisted my husband's help. He has backed up all my files and is in the process of reloading my programs. I know, how romantic, right?

I've gotten up to get my daughter snack foods three four times since beginning this blog post. I just went shopping so she knows what we have and wants to try everything under threat of tantrum. My patience is a bit thin today since she woke up at 6:30 and came into my bed. Wouldn't be so bad except that she first let the dog out of his crate and both of them jumped on me. If I'm going to be trampled by a large brown mutt and blond-haired monkey, I'd like it to be at least 7:30.

Anyway, since E is also for Enterprise, I'll leave you with a terribly cheesy, awesomely retro promo for my all-time favourite show:


MOV said...

great post! and I do not think it is cheating. :)

will be back to read more, especially those pesky letters like Q and X.


Siobhan said...

Star Trek Next Generation is one of my favourite shows of all time too. Deanna Troi was my favourite character, but as of late, it's been Spock.

Julie said...

Stoppin' by, making the Insecure Writers rounds! And I'm TOTALLY feeling left out here, because it seems I missed the memo about A being for April which stands for ALL About A-Z!


Next April, I suppose?

P.s. New stalker alert!

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