Tuesday, April 10, 2012

I is for Improv Withdrawal

I actually considered going to Ikea with the kids today so I had something to talk about for I.  I mean, it isn't as if I could blog about improv, could I?  I mean, I've written about my new passion enough, haven't I? Some of you have even seen my name in a newspaper article on the subject.  And besides, Easter Monday meant this week had no improv classes.  My weekly fix of playing pretend in the pursuit of high art has yet to be fulfilled.

Luckily, this Saturday the Staircase is running one of their monthly "Next Level" for improvisers as experienced as I (I've been at this since OCTOBER already!)  I'm told we'll be learning the art of putting together a show.  The last workshop I went to was a blast so I have high expectations.  I'll let you know how it goes when I get to N.

In conclusion, here's a scene from the once-popular improv show "Who's Line is it Anyway?" (I always preferred the British version to the Drew Carey version):

1 comment:

Luna said...

Oh I loved that show and preferred the Drew Carey episodes as well.

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