Saturday, April 07, 2012

G is for Games

As you see from the photo above, my kids are screen children. They know their way around an iPad. When Daddy takes his toy to work, however, they make do with a good old fashioned computer.

Jadzia's favourite games site is Sesame Street, which doesn't give up trying to get you to press a key, or pick an item from Big Bird's shelf, or choose another outfit for Grover, even hours after you've left the computer.

William enjoys many gaming sites, though he is quite partial to Armor Games, which has the most inappropriate bloody shoot 'em up zombie games. This lead to his famous line: "It is appropriate because I'm not scared."

Occasionally, they forgo the technology and we play an old fashioned board game together.  Candy Land and Chutes and Ladders are the crowd favourites, while Jadzia loves Hungry Hungry Hippo the best.  In the latter we never count the marbles to determine a winner, which makes me crazy.  Not that I care who wins, me or my three-year-old, but somehow when nobody wins it feels like an exercise in futility (I mean, more so than normal).  The other two games are better, until you realize that there is absolutely no skill or strategy involved.  Also, while both games last an average of fifteen minutes, either could theoretically continue forever if you choose to wrong card or land on a chute which brings you back to the beginning.  A game can last anywhere from two minutes to a hundred years.

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