Friday, April 06, 2012

F is for Friday and Family

Today was Good Friday, a Friday made good by the fact that my husband was off work and our family unit was complete. We spent the better part of the day at the Royal Botanical Gardens, which is currently having a chocolate exhibit, though it didn't have enough samples to justify our admission.

The kids had fun running around to the different gardens looking for clues for the Easter scavenger hunt. Each clue was an egg from a different animal, bird, frog, turtle, or insect. In the end they spelled a secret question: "Does the Easter Bunny lay eggs?"  Both my kids insisted that he did. I whispered in Jadzia's ear: "Bunnies don't lay eggs; chickens lay eggs." She got a look on her face like I just blew her mind. Whatever, they each still got a prize; a decorate your own paper bag filled with the very same chocolates we'd been sampling all along.

Later, we joined more family at my parents' house for a ham dinner. Luckily ham is one of the few meats my son will eat. My two-year-old niece devoured peas out of the broccoli salad. Dessert was lemon cupcakes with fluorescent icing.  Afterwards we coloured eggs, everyone attempting to create the mightiest design for Sunday morning's egg fight.

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