Thursday, January 05, 2006

4: Ears and Video Games

You know that test that told me I should be an audiologist? Well we looked at that one today. First we had a "party" where we decided what kind of people we would want to talk to. The test told me I was an ARI (artistic, realistic, inquisitive). After about a second of consideration, I decided that realists were boring and I wanted to hang with artists and inquistivies (in that order). For some reason there were like a hundred people crowded in the realist corner (by a hundred I of course mean ten), so go figure.

You know how the test told me I should look into technical writing? Well I looked closer at the test and found that technical writer was the only writing career listed. Aha, me thinks, they just want me to be a writer.

Next we were sent to the computer room to futz with a program that had like 950 jobs on it. I looked up creative writer and got linked to a website that had a picture of my mom on it. The creative writer had "Interactive Media Writer" listed under "Similar Jobs" so I looked it up too. It wasn't there but they did have "Interactive Media Developer", which might be fun. I think I could design games or stuff. I also printed out info on, I forget the name, but it's the guy who actually makes and fits hearing aids. This is related to audiology but requires less school and seems to be more about the aspects of the job that intrigued me (ie: less dealing with crothchety old people).

I just got an e-mail from my prof about an internship at Weddingbells and some fashion magazine. I'm thinking I might actually try for it. I'll have to revamp my résumé and likely won't get paid (or get the gig at all for that matter) but I need some kind of experience to see if the whole magazine thing is a good idea. When I get home I'll do that. Totally.

Anyway lunchtime over. More after lunch.

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