Monday, January 23, 2006

Phase II a success!

I took the early train into Toronto to make gosh darn sure that I wasn't late for my interview to intern at Today's Parent. I wore my fab new interview outfit, black power shoes, black pinstriped pants, white button-down shirt, black professionalish jacket, and genuine immitation leather black bag. I got to TO like an hour and a half early so I found myself a nice salad café and wrote out answers to all the sample interview questions I got from Career Explorations. Then I stopped at a gas station and got tictacs to counteract the rather potent salad dressing.

By this time I was only like 20 minutes early, so I figured it was safe to go to the big shiny Rogers building which houses Today's Parent and just about every other magazine. (Especially since it usually takes that long to get past security). When I got there I found out that Andrea, the interviewing editor person, was sick with the flu and had been trying to cancel. Since I took the early train she would've had to call before 10:30 am to get me. I acted all sympathetic about her illness and she interviewed me anyway because I was there. I was eloquent and had very few bouts of verbal diarrea. I used the answers I had written down and improvised a few on the spot. At the end of it she offered me a 3 month internship, 2 days a week, starting Febuary 8th. She seemed all keen on giving me valuable experience and not "grunt work". This is the perfect job. Except for, you know, the whole unpaid thing.

As far as Phase III is concerned (getting paid for this stuff), Andrea says she'll test me out by getting me to write a few articles as part of my "internship experience" and if those go well she'll pay me for some. They don't usually do that (pay) but since I have "previous writing experience" she feels it's only fair. Sweet!

To celebrate Phase II's success, I went shopping at the Eaton's centre. I bought a new pair of red cords for only 10$ (they will replace my favourite red jeans which I bought years ago, also for 10$, and have suddenly both shrunk and sprouted holes in the nether regions). Because the red cords were so cheap, I also bought a pair of black pants (which are casual but not jeans so they are über-practical) and a new game cube game that I saw on tv the other day. While in the changeroom trying on the jeans I noticed that my new shoes were giving me a bit of that new shoe experience and I had a blister bleeding all over my sock. Luckily Shopper's Drug was near by and I got myself some sweet multicoloured bandaids.

Red Cords ------------------- 10 dollars
Black Pants ------------------ 25 dollars
New GameCube Game -------15 dollars
Multicoloured Bandaids ------ 5 dollars
Internship at a real magazine and successful completion of Phase II - priceless


Anonymous said...

thats great !

im really happy it all went well!

Superhappyjen said...

I can guess who you are by the lack of capital letters, Adam, but you may want to consider signing your comments.

~Becca~ said...

Yeah for Jen!

I'm glad you got the internship!

~Becca~ said...

Your blog is all mucked up on my "Becca vision" It looks like it's from this post

zydeco fish said...

Cool. Yeah, and your bog looks mighty weird on my computer. Your post is all crushed down into one corner and I can only see part of it.

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