Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Best tie contest

I missed the leadership debate and from what I've heard I didn't miss much. I did however, catch enough clips to report, once again, on the candidates' ties. In alphabetical order by first names: Gilles had a black and white striped tie. He was so monocromatic that if not for the slight fleshy colour of his skin he might have stepped out of a black and white movie (like say, Dracula). Jack had a much nicer and flashier tie on this time. Orange and red striped. My husband made the comment that when he was talking to the camera (which was often) he looked commanding and forceful (to the point of farce) but when he was facing the other candidates he looked like a turtle. Paul's red with tiny white polka dots tie was much less fancy than last time. Maybe because Stephen is squeaking ahead in the polls. Steve's flashy blue tie was much nicer than his last one and once again he had a nice blue pocket kerchief thingie to match it. He was the most coordinated again. I'm thinking NDP might be the way to go, since Jack had the most improved tie this time around.

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