Friday, January 27, 2006

I need to get me one of them invisibility cloaks

Okay so me darling husband send me this link:

About this camouflage gear they're developing at the university of Tokyo, so people can see right through you and your rain coat. This will be highly useful for things like sneaking into movie theatres, hide and seek, and, um, halloween. Anyway it's pretty neat.

In other news I'm probably hanging out with Amy and her sister Steph tonight, which means movies and maybe some kind of card game or board game. They're good peeps.

Saturday my cousin (well my cousin's son. So first cousin once removed?) is having his first birthday party. What do you buy a one year old? I can't believe he's one already. It seems like only a year ago he didn't even exist.

I'm thinking about like sending queries to different magazines and stuff. If anyone knows of a publication that would suit my style of writing, comment here. I will totally add your blog to my prestigious favourites list if you do. Not that I think anything will come of it. There's enough people out there pretending to be writers, that I have to actually, like, try or something to really break into this field. Whatever!

Speaking of invisible, does anybody else notice that my capital letters have disappeared? BLOGGER!!!!! Curse you and your stylish new age fonts!

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