Sunday, January 22, 2006

Every Professional Somethingorother Needs a Website

So I finished that Career Explorations thing and now I'm all gung ho about pursuing my career goals. Which are basically a) To work at a magazine or other print publication in some capacity, and b) to become a somewhat more successful freelance writer.

Phase I of my dasterdly plan is to create a portfolio of my current publishings. I quickly put all my articles in plastic sleevies in a nice black binder. Presto! I'm a professional. Now what does every professional need? That's right, a website designed by my über talented graphic designer husband Adam.

I also bought a genuine immitation leather professional bag and black shoes in preparation for Phase II: Go to interviews until I get an internship at a magazine. I have one of those at Today's Parent on Monday (give me luck vibes). Hopefully they will be so impressed by the binder, website, and bag that I can move on to Phase III (convince someone to actually pay me).

1 comment:

zydeco fish said...

Hey, That's really cool, really.

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