Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Day 3: Um....stuff

We used a bunch of cue cards to figure out what our skills are. We put them in piles based on if we want to use those skills, want them as secondary skills, could care less, or don't want to use them. My "don't care" pile was this giant stack that reached the ceiling (okay, so not THAT high). Anyway I ended up with a bunch of writing, editing and art skills. Duh, says I, that's what I went to school for.

We broke into groups. On person told the group their skills and interests and the rest of us told them what sort of occupations the should go into. My group came up with some brainbusters like "writer" and "editor", but they also threw out some odd ones like "video game programmer".

After lunch was time to do more of the assessment that the centre is in love with. Me and the other girl who had done it already (Stella is her name, btw, and she is also the green who drove me home yesterday) got a jump on researching the career groups in our "very interested" column. We figured out that we have a lot in common (except she's not artistic and I'm not organized). We began day-dreaming about starting our own tv show, with her doing the research and organizing, and me on the creative and writing side. If I get nothing else out of this program, I at least have a new friend. Maybe she will become some bigwig and give me work or, better yet, large sums of money.

On to something completely off topic: I've been craving liver of late so I went out to the store and bought some fresh calves liver and bacon and garbage bags (the garbage bags because we needed them and I was there, not because it has anything to do with liver.) My husband doesn't like liver but once said he'd try it if I made i (in a sort of hypothetical sense). In fact, most of the people I know (and I'm sure a lot of people I don't know) think I'm insane for liking the stuff. But they have defective taste buds because liver is obviously the most delicious meat ever. Melts in your mouth (not in your hand). I've never actually made liver but I've seen it done. You weave a piece of bacon through it and then fry it up with a bunch of onions. We'll see how it turns out. I feel I'm being very courteous by making this on a day when we have leftover lasagna in the fridge for husbands with defective taste buds.

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