Monday, January 09, 2006

There was no more after lunch

So lately I've been deligently writing every day about my career explorations experience. Those of you who are following this (Mom, Dad) have likely noticed that I stopped blogging on Thursday at lunch and never came back. You're wondering if I was in some sort of accident or something. No, nothing happened. Proof:

Thursday after lunch: we researched jobs using a program only the career centre has, this is to trick us into spending the entire afternoon on their computers. After we were shown a much better program that we could get at home on the internet, we all went home. I looked up stuff on and seriously considered "video game developer" as a career.

Friday: We looked at our values. There were a list of 14 values (stuff like money, health, happiness, power, etc) that we had to rank from 1 to 14 (1 being the most important, 14 being who cares). This was supposed to make us realize, I guess, that not all these things come from work. My top four, for the curious, were affection, happiness, independence, and security. So most, if not all of these things come from your home life (if you have a good one, which I do). Cool. This was also supposed to be a reality check for those people who listed their top value as money, but wanted to be a poet. After lunch we "researched" some more.

Saturday: No, the career stuff doesn't happen on weekends but I'm taking this acting course. I was toying with the idea of taking acting to get over the shyness thing (Mommy and Daddy made this plan a lot easier by payingfor my acting class as a Christmas prezzie). My twilight zone moment came at break when I was chatting with some of the other students. The opening line in their dialogues: "what school do you go to?" I ran away to sit with the older kids. This was a big change from the career explorations where I am one of the youngest and people keep saying how young I am. This was proof that I am clearly old. I think I'll enjoy the class though. We're going to be working on monologues. I'm supposed to either "find" a monologue by next week or use the one that was handed to me on a silver platter. Duh. I looked up the monologue I was given (which actually sort of speaks to me btw) and it turns out the character is goth. Cool! Maybe I'll get to dress goth or something.

Later I'll tell you what happened Sunday and today, but lunch is sort of over.

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